that wasn’t the only scene though…did you even watch the video

another case of people getting angry at nothing just to get angry

he is pretty annoying which is disappointing bc his voice has a really good announcer like quality to it.

oh god right like

i love his voice n hes p cute but like fucking chill 

turned off anon bc yall are a bunch of scared babies who can’t get pissy/insult me without hiding behind your laptop


Saturday Mornings

people get so bitchy when you insult something that they like

grow up


You really had to tag your hate in the Markiplier tag? You deserve your right to your opinion about him, but questioning why other people like him is a little silly. The reason I, as well as 3 million others, like him so much is that he has the ability to make us laugh. And that's what he loves to do! He also does tons of stuff for charity, so how can I not want to support him? At least get to know someone before you publicly bash them and insult their fans...

i didnt even tag it you nub i just typed his name not my fault it got put in the tag get over it

I literally had no idea who markiplier (how the fuck do u spell that) was for the longest time and I watched him play five night at Freddy’s and holy shit he was overreacting so much and he’s so annoying he’s basically like an American pewdiepie but with less “bitch” and “rape”




He was truly having a spiritual experience 

thank you

In that moment, we were all Drake.


i wish i was as cool as this guy